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* Dear Sandie, I would like to take a minute to thank both you and Sallie for such an amazing and wonderful experience at the Treasure Coast Sleep Disorders facility.  You both were so kind (you Sandie for answering all my questions) and to Sallie who did the same.  Neither of you ever got impatient with me, even if you had to repeat information to me numerous times.  You both were so professional and considerate in assuring me of anything. I appreciate both of you and wish you both many Blessings. Sincerely, Nancy Lee S. January 2021
* I really enjoyed the experience and Staff; Staff was exceptional.” – John A.  October 2020
* Patient called and said she wants to come back and sleep again here, she woke up full of energy and technician was wonderful.” – Dorothy S. July 2018

* “I was wired and not use to bed. Yet I had a much better sleep than usual at home. I liked the mask I used”. – Thomas D. May 2018

* “My experience with Daniel was great and I am very pleased with they way Daniel treated me and I felt refreshed after the test was over.  I also want to let the bosses know how very highly I thought of Daniel and wanted to make sure  they were aware of it “.  – Fred G. April 2018

“Aaron the technician was very helpful, kind & respectful”. – Debra H. 2018

“My visit was non threatening and the evening passed quickly. Since I am 93 years old with a severe incontinence problem, I though it might be a challenge, but your representative made it a problem free experience! I thank you again for my successful visit. – Arnold S. 2018

“My technician Sallie was very comforting and knowledgeable. Thank you . – Jessica S. 2018

“The attendants were excellent, also service was the best. Thank you to the employees.” -Sam A.

“Technician was super friendly and caring. Made you feel very comfortable and very professional.” – Samuel I.

“It was very comfortable, relaxing and very clean. The Staff is the best in the world.” – Priscilla D.

“Place was great. Technicians were terrific! Enjoyed my sleep.” – Sarah C.

“A quiet, restful place with friendly, very knowledgeable personnel. They may have saved my life. This is my third sleep study in 12 years. It was by far the best! No one has come up with such comprehensive findings. Bless you!”

“I think using the mask will become second nature, especially when I am at home. IT WORKS!!”

“I felt more rested this morning than I have in many years. I feel more refreshed. The technician was wonderful. This person is sure an asset to your company.”

“My sleep was sweet. I felt like a young girl again.”